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Triplejack is a free online poker game community with a fun and casual gaming atmosphere. Our social and interactive features make it exciting to play poker with friends and easy to meet new friends. Earn achievement medals, join poker clans and create a social network profile! Play Texas Hold 'em and Omaha poker for free, play tournaments and level up your player, or get even more features and win more prizes as a Power Player!
fun features
Bomb and charm players!
social poker
Make friends!
casual gaming
No real gambling!
win prizes
Win prizes!
achievements and goals
Many achievements and ways to play!
Apple iPad Prize Winner

Each month we run qualifying tournaments to give away prizes like Apple iPads, Visa Gift Cards, and more! Players who win a qualifying tournament can play for the main prize in the monthly Finals!

"It was pure LUCK that I reached the final table... slowly but surely, I came back and boom! I WON... the APPLE iPAD finals... I had no idea that I would win. I play poker here at TRIPLEJACK just to chat with friends and it relaxes me whenever I play. NOTHINGMATTERS if I win or lose, the important thing is I play fair and square. More power to TRIPLEJACK and see you at the finals!"

"I won the iPad for march, that was so great experience! it was pure luck. I was down to 30$ or 80$ and we are still playing in 4 tables. I really never expected that I'll reach the final table, even if I am the lowest stack I't never cross my mind to go all in with just any card, so I waited for a good card and that's the time i go all in and there you go. I WON. Thanks GOD and thank you TripleJack!"

"I'm really happy and lucky to win IPAD0112 prize. It was my first final and I don't know how I won it. I don't like play poker with real money, but I like to win it. I like triplejack and I told to my whole friends to play and entertain on triplejack. See you for another prize."

"I enjoy playing triplejack with my clanmates and friends... I spend at least 12-15 hrs a day, but i'm not an addict lolz :) Well actually i got ipad ticket each month, but couldnt play it during finals because i always wake up late every sunday, hahaha, glad i made it this time... Didnt expect to win too... entered the final table with a stack of $ 500+ but guess what? I WON! grrrrrrrr WINS !!! just pure luck :) Long Live TRIPLEJACK... and Thank You..."
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