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Ssssh ---- Ignore her, she's just a silly Kat

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Ssssh ---- Ignore her, she's just a silly Kat

Postby Fraidy_Kat » Sun May 13, 2012 11:58 am

I recently read a post suggesting new games. That person suggested Blackjack, I believe. He rec'd the response, essentially saying -> "That while they are constantly looking for new games; they rather insist it be a game that has 'common cards'. The GOOD news being - at least someone responded to HIM.


So, on that same forum post: I suggested Omaha 'Hi/Lo' as a new game; which IS a game that has 'community' cards. Absolutely NO ONE responded to my suggestion!

I followed that suggestion with a NEW post; suggestng AND explaining a game called: Pineapple; which, also has 'community' cards. Only ONE response and that was from a friend. Other than her; it was rather like walking through a cemetery, w/o knowing anyone there; soooooo quiet - the silence was deafening!

On one hand, I'm told -> "y'all want to add new games; you want to improve the site (YOUR words, not mine), and you want to keep or increase the site's excitement and interest level". Then, I'm told; "You're too busy". You can't have it both ways, my dears. IF you truly desire player involvement {suggestions/ideas/comments}; it may be wise to occasionally, acknowledge someone, when they're merely trying to help. :roll:

I am NOT making the preceding up ... on three separate occasions, I've been asked by admins [three different ones] if I had or have ANY ideas to help the site, or new games, or whatever.........; if so, please write a forum post. Well, my dears, HERE I AM, once again!

I will try ONE last time; suggesting another game I've played ... yes, I can hear you now -> "ho-hum, BORING!!!!" Am I right? :wink:

This game is called 'Think'. May even engender a new experience, who knows.

Keeping it simple, AND within the 'apparent' ground rules: it DOES have common cards. In fact, the learning curve is minimal; shouldn't be too much of a stretch for most; as it is IDENTICAL to Omaha with one, teeny, weeny, itsy bitsy, minor exception; maybe two, but who's counting?

Each player is dealt five hole cards [thats one more than what is dealt in Omaha]. That's for you math-challenged folks, out there. THAT"S change #1.

The remainder of the cards dealt is identical Omaha or even, Hold 'em: 3 cards [flop], 1 card [turn], and 1 card [river].

Pretty simple, huh?

OOPS :oops:

Oh, silly me! I danged near furrgot to mention the OTHER change. YEP, I did say there were TWO exceptions [changes] to Omaha.

You ready? You sitting down? Think you can 'handle' change in your, oh soooo complicated life?

Here it comes -> each player MUST play [use] three [3] cards from their hand [hole cards]!!

Now, this site has two owners, whatever???; that I am aware of, AND about 37,000 admins and helpers - so, if ONE of y'all could deign to say -> "Julie, what an absolutley stupid idea" ... well, at least I could get a modicum of comfort knowing SOMEONE reads these things! :idea:
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Re: Ssssh ---- Ignore her, she's just a silly Kat

Postby poker4dummies » Sun May 13, 2012 1:02 pm

I'm so into this new game. Please MAKE it happen. I need more than 2 cards to have a good chance in winning a hand here in Triplejack. Hitting it at flop is not a guarantee of a win; turn and river cards are real hand killers. I know, I've died a thousand deaths with them. So, with this new aptly named game, I think I can have a fighting chance to a legitimate win (for those of you who are wondering about "illegitimate" wins, I'm referring to winning hands by raising pre-flop or going all in before the showdown, thus, forcing other players to fold and guess what, I win the blind chips and more).

Seriously speaking, I am supportive of this new game and the other one mentioned in another forum called "Pineapple". By adding these new games, more people will play in Triplejack and for those who are already playing regularly will find themselves playing more hours than they already are doing at the moment. IF uploading these games will be problematic to the maintenance of the site, please remove royal hold em since hardly anyone is playing it at all. Such a waste of virtual space.

Keep these new ideas coming, Fraidy_Kat. Thanks for these suggestions and I'm sure this will bring more fun to the gaming experience here at Triplejack. See you at the tables and may the odds be ever in your favor! :D
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Re: Ssssh ---- Ignore her, she's just a silly Kat

Postby Rockworker » Mon May 14, 2012 11:00 am

Thank you for your ideas. Btw, I like the green font.
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Re: Ssssh ---- Ignore her, she's just a silly Kat

Postby CaptainCanada » Mon May 14, 2012 11:31 pm

Always loved your post's F_K they are a great read.Also your game ideas are right on deal me in eh:) May your cards be alive and your pot's full good luck at the tables eh
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