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_toff33_ account is on SALE

_toff33_ account is on SALE

Postby _toff33_ » Thu May 03, 2012 7:53 pm

_toff33_ STATS and MEDALS

star player lvl7 7th place over all in triplejack
chips 35m 14th place over all in triplejack
power player
jack's won 7,725
royal flush 3 times
354 tourney lvl played
48 lvl tourney won
1 prize won
5 years playing

view this site if ur interested 1b+ total profit OMG --- >>

===== for only $300usd ===== :mrgreen: :s: :h: :d: :c:

BUYER SHOULDERS THE JACKS TAX. ( 150k jacks ) - so if you need to buy the jacks to cover the jacks tax, acquiring this account will cost you a total of $399.95usd. ( because 150,000 Jacks sells for $99.95 )
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