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Postby barbiequeen » Tue Dec 07, 2010 3:00 pm

As of now, a player CAN sell their account to another person provided that either the seller or buyer gives the correct amount of jacks to Triplejack for the privilege. A player may ‘give away’ an account to a friend / player for free, but will still need to transfer jacks to the Triplejack authorised Admin for the deal to be approved & official.

Below are the rules which players MUST follow to ensure an authorised transaction.

- The seller will need to post in the Account Transfers forum. This forum will allow people to put their accounts up for ‘sale’ and others may discuss the account to be sold, and potentially bid on the account if they want. If the seller wants their account to go to a specific person, they should make it clear in post that no offers are being accepted on the account that is being sold/transferred. The ‘deal’ between players remains your own concern, Triplejack does not need to know what the account is/is not sold for

- If the seller wishes to conduct a sale/transfer privately for confidential reasons, they may go direct to an authorised Admin

- The seller should contact an authorised Admin and create a chat room so that the transaction can be processed

- The jacks fee is a rate based on the chips & level at the time of sale. We will honour the agreement provided there is no evidence of cheating e.g. an account being disabled and awaiting reset or other specific rule breaking regarding the account in question.

- Table of Jacks fee that will be used for accounts to be sold/transferred (these costs can be from the buyer or the seller):

0 - 10K = 10K jacks
10K – 1M = 50K Jacks
1M – 5M = 75K Jacks
5M – 10M = 100K Jacks
10M – 50M = 150K Jacks

2 & 3 = 25K Jacks
4 & 5 = 50K Jacks
6 & 7 = 75K Jacks
8 & 9 = 100K Jacks
10+ = 150K Jacks

- The buyer or seller will transfer the required ‘real’ jacks, using the table above, in relation to the account being sold/transferred.

- The ‘real’ jacks are to be transferred to the authorised Admin using the "My Jacks" window

- The transferred account MUST be renamed.

Once all this is complete, the transfer is considered final and official.

The jacks fee is PER account, PER transfer. If the buyer turns around and sells the same account (now with a new name) to someone else, that will require the same process as above

The following Admins have the authority to execute the selling of accounts with players:
Rockworker, Barbiequeen, Katchupoy, Whumps, BradyLady, SphygmomanometeR, Gambl3rrrrr, and hotshot1

NOTE: Admin and Helper accounts cannot be sold/transferred unless they are returned to regular player status

Once an account has been sold / transferred the post will be deleted from this forum
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