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2.5k OMAHA

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2.5k OMAHA

Postby iD3UNDRA » Sun Nov 13, 2011 6:50 pm

ooook..i cant possibly be the only player in the vast world of triplejack to think that 2,500 omaha is the easiest way to make money..can i?

i know i must make my admin friends want to delete me frm their fl due to me always p.m'ing them about roulette players. its so hard to fight them, when your the only one in the room who has common sense, knowledge of tj rules, and generally poker savvy. im not saying im the best, far from it, but what decent poker player goes pre flop all in every hand in omaha?? its just getting rediculous.

there are certain admins that are restricted or choose to stay in big spenders lounge, the ones that stay in the 10k rooms and venture out now and then, and some who are mega righ and choose to monitor newbies lounge?? where nothing bad ever happens! lol..

i think helpers need more powers, bc i cant say how many times they always come to my paging or pm, and arent able to do anything to clowns..aside from mute, and most the clowns dont even talk..and on that note, some helpers dont do anything.. :evil: ..someone needs to do many complaints can be made about things like this b4 sanctions occur?
z Avi_Dei] ?
z Avi_Dei] lol
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Re: 2.5k OMAHA

Postby Ausfahrt » Mon Nov 21, 2011 6:59 am

2.5K Omaha is a very good variant of poker…and it IS an easy way to make money…but the play I see in those rooms are typical of small cash games (just about everyone calls). Sometimes it takes the fun out of playing. As far as the clowns go, I have taken this viewpoint: When I have played in tourneys and I found myself sitting at the tables for hours, I noticed that players tend to make more mistakes (sometimes on purpose) as they get tired and agitated by sitting down for long periods of time. Clowns tend to make the same mistakes but in a shorter timeframe. I suggest you just be patient and play good poker. :D If you take enough of their chips away, they will disappear. They can only rebuy so many times in 5 minutes. If they have a lot of chips, even better. I feel that despite what people think and say, clowns are here to stay. They drive traffic to the site and keep the rooms filled (sometimes). Also this is a family oriented site. People come here to socialize and chat just as much as they come here to play. Enjoy it for what it is worth. You know where the serious player’s play on this site.

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Re: 2.5k OMAHA

Postby _x_Vicky » Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:40 pm

Seriously, how do you win?
I have flush, tadaa someone has full house,
i have full house, someone has a better one...
I still lose no matter how "good" is my hand.
I will never call it an "easy way to earn chips".
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Re: 2.5k OMAHA

Postby _tja32_ » Wed Nov 07, 2012 4:53 pm

its pretty simple ............u get two hands to make the best hand? what is it that ppl need to know ?
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